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Fundamentals of Global Capital Markets Foundation £49.99 Book Now
M1: Organisation of Financial Markets      
M2: Structure of Financial Institutions      
M3: Capital Markets Participants      
M4: The Fixed Income Markets      
M5: Debt Securities Trading      
M6: Bond Risks and Risk Management      
M7: The Equity (Stock) Markets      
M8: Equity Issuing      
M9: Equity Trading      
M10: Equity Risks and Risk Management      
* Course Fee quoted exclude VAT
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Course Objectives
This online course (delivered via Webinar and discounted from £415.00) assumes that participants have no or minimal knowledge of how the financial markets work. Global capital markets primarily consist of the debt and equities markets. Global financial institutions are major participants in these markets where they trade in financial securities issued to raise capital. This course is designed to provide you with an expansive understanding of the global capital markets, the major participants and the related financial securities issued and traded in these markets.
This course combines theoretical frameworks and practical sessions on Bloomberg terminal to help provide you with knowledge of the trading, hedging and settlement of these two sectors of the global capital markets.
Candidates can choose to enrol on any of the available class formats - Daytime Release, Weekend or Evening Series.

Hand-on Practical Workshops
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  • Participants will complete series of real-world exercises in pairs on Bloomberg trading platform in a stimulating learning environment.
  • The course will emphasise the practical aspects through real – life case studies, workshop sessions and simulations.
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Teaching Methods
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Prerequisite Knowledge
No Prerequisite Required.

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